The Department of Public Transportation issued another early morning release on more bus cancellations that will affect Wednesday morning commuters.

Ord Road residents who normally travel by bus to get to the City of Hamilton, be advised that the 7:15am bus has been cancelled.

Other cancellations include:

  • The Number 11 bus from Hamilton to St George’s at 7:45am and the bus back to Hamilton at 8:45
  • The Spanish Point bus to Hamilton at 7:12am 
  • The Number 7 bus from Hamilton to Barnes Corner at 7:30am and the return back to Hamilton at 8:03am
  • The Number 5 Pond Hill bus to Hamilton at 7am 
  • The Number 8 bus from Hamilton to Dockyard and the bus back to Hamilton from Dockyard at 8:35am
  • The Number 11 bus from Grotto Bay at 6:55am, the bus from Hamilton back to Grotto Bay at 7:10 and the 7:30 bus from Grotto Bay to Hamilton at 7:30am
  • The bus from Hamilton to Number 1 Gate at 7:45am
  • The St George’s bus to St David’s at 9:15am and the return bus back to St George’s at 9:40am
  • The St George’s bus to Hamilton at 10:15am