Bright skies and steady winds did not take away the dark cloud left by the tragic road traffic death of Antoine Seaman, who was due to stand by the lone barber giving free haircuts at the annual community event hosted by Open Your Heart Foundation this year.

Gatherers were asked to take a moment of silence for Mr Seaman at 5:30pm on Good Friday, in honour of his memory, with several of the young man’s family members and friends in attendance.

It was the one solemn moment in what was otherwise a great day filled with family fun events, several vendors, food and entertainment put on by the organisers, who stage this event that is entirely free for members of the community.

The crowd surged throughout the day with a noticeable increase in the number of visitors vacationing in Bermuda and there quite a few new vendors, including Fresh Breath Dental.

A representative was on hand throughout the day, offering appointments for people without dental insurance to have their teeth cleaned for $80. Those with insurance were offered the same without the copay.

No word on total numbers but this annual event, held at Warren Simmons Field, continues to grow year after year.

Organisers served food throughout the day, with lunch, featuring an Open Your Heart Good Friday mainstay, in what is now an annual tradition of purchasing a whole lamb that is cooked underground for several hours and served as a main course for dinner.

And per usual, after the crowds left, the group’s team of organisers, the clean-up crew, truckers and volunteers worked through the wee hours overnight to clean it all up and clear out until the same time again, next year.