The Department of Health is inviting the public to sign up for its mold remediation training that will take place on June 10th and 13th 2022.

The courses will be available for $400 per person and will provide a comprehensive approach to the potential hazards of mold, exposure, methods to protect workers, as well as cleaning and remediation.

Participants can expect to be immersed in the following training subjects:

  • Background information on mould and the potential health effects of exposure
  • Worker protection
  • Containments and decontamination
  • Cleanings and packaging occupant belongings
  • Remediation methods
  • Blocides 
  • Case studies
  • Post remediation activities
  • Client Relations and job site etiquette
  • Appendices

A Ministry spokesperson stated: “Molds are commonplace in Bermuda which has a moist environment and is common within businesses and homes. This includes areas with leaks (from roofs, pipes or windows) and areas prone to flooding.

“Molds have been linked to a range of health problems, from mild to severe. Those who suffer from allergens are particularly vulnerable once they come into physical contact with mold spores.

 “We encourage anyone who wants to learn how to better protect themselves from mold or who is interested in learning the best abatement methods, to consider signing up for this training.”

For more information, please E-mail vdarrell@gov.bmor telephone 278-5333.