The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) confirmed today that they have tracked down the owner of what is now said to be a finger that was discovered in a city car park last week.

Speaking at a news conference this afternoon, Acting Assistant Commissioner Sean Field-Lament said police carried out a “robust” investigation and found out that the man lost his finger during a fight with another man last Monday evening (Jan 25).

The incident was not reported to police even though the man received medical treatment.

The finger was found by a member of the public last Thursday, who reported it to police and took it to the hospital, where it was incinerated.

On that note, Mr Field-Lament admitted that there was a breakdown in communication, which ultimately led to the mix-up.

“It would appear that our officers’ initial response was to expedite the matter as dealing with a medical emergency,” he said.

“While their intent was laudable, unfortunately investigative opportunities were overlooked and lost.

“Gaps in service delivery have been identified and we will be addressing them with training and policy procedure amendments so that we can prevent this happening again.

“While we did not get it right on this occasion, the vast majority of handling of incidents by the BPS is done in a professionally competent manner,” he added.

“We have identified mistakes made and we will strive to do better in the future.”