News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Reform, Kathy Lynn Simmons, is pleased to announce that 47 families have received internet installation and one year of paid service.  After COVID-19 forced schools online, Mirrors jumped in to support students in need with devices through an initiative entitled ‘Lighthouse Connect’. During the most recent remote learning period, the organization received requests from a host of families needing the internet for students to participate in online learning. 

Minister Simmons stated: “Mirrors has been working with the schools and executed a technology survey which identified families in need of devices and internet service. We are very pleased to receive the support of Centennial Bermuda Foundation and TeleBermuda International Ltd. (TBi) for this essential internet service to support students and their families. This joint partnership has allowed our students for whom online learning would have been impossible to continue their education.”

TBi President Lee Greene said: “TBi is proud to support an initiative that ensures that every local student can leverage the power of the internet to further their education. No child should be left behind due to a lack of access to the internet. This partnership between The Mirrors Programme, Government, and TBi guarantees students are connected to the internet to facilitate remote learning.”

Ms Yinka Bartley, a recipient of the TBi service, said: “I would like to express my gratitude to Bluewave and Mr Greene and The Mirrors Program for providing complimentary internet for a year. Having uninterrupted internet service during the pandemic has allowed my son to successfully participate in remote learning to continue on with his studies. The staff have also been very helpful and accommodating.”

For more information regarding the Lighthouse Connect: initiative, please contact Mirrors Programme at 294-9291 or email   

Top Feature Photo (l-r): Kim Jackson, Mirrors Programme; Minister Kathy Lynn Simmons, Yinka Bartley, and Lee Greene, TBi