News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “During the school break last week, 30 middle school students successfully completed The Mirrors Programme’s five-day interactive SuperCamp Junior Forum, which blended critical aspects of physical, personal, and academic learning,” said the Minister of Social Development and Seniors, Tinee Furbert. 

“SuperCamp blends these critical aspects into an experiential programme to transform generations and is built on the methodologies of Quantum Learning, brain research, and social and emotional development pedagogy.” 

Minister Furbert shared: “On behalf of the Government of Bermuda, to the 30 middle school students, we are proud that you chose to attend SuperCamp.

“We know that the tools you received will help you and those around you. When you show, not tell, others about the skills you have gained, you become the models of excellence for your schools, families, and that Bermuda needs now and in the future.

“During the SuperCamp, students learned the ‘8 Keys of Excellence’, principles to help them reach their full potential. Students shared the following statements about the SuperCamp, ‘I learned that if I put my mind to something or commit to doing it, I can do anything. I like that this camp teaches you about being honest and grateful because it can help me in life. I liked the company at SuperCamp because I’ve been told I talk a lot, and here I could talk freely within boundaries.”

Minister Furbert added: “We also celebrate the parents who registered their children for SuperCamp and attended the parent workshop. The parent workshop gave parents a simple and engaging action plan for establishing the core character principles at home. A parent shared, ‘I now feel better empowered to support my son through his last months of middle school and realized that other parents are having the same challenges in their households.”

Kimberley Jackson, Programme Manager of The Mirrors Programme, shared: “This transformation would not have been possible without the amazing volunteers who have given their time, energy, and hearts to create the atmosphere the campers needed to succeed. These volunteers spent their personal time training before camp, setting up the Quantum Learning environment, and guiding campers throughout the week at camp. A volunteer stated, ‘I enjoy every aspect of the program and look forward to continuing to volunteer.’” 

Minister Furbert concluded: “On behalf of the Government of Bermuda, thank you to the volunteers for believing in the young people of Bermuda and supporting The Mirrors Programme. To those in our community who are interested in making a difference in a young person’s life, we call on you to answer the call to volunteer with The Mirrors Programme.” 

For more information about the programmes offered and how to volunteer, call MIRRORS at 294-9291 or e-mail