News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Reform, the Hon. Kathy Lynn Simmons is pleased to announce that 23 young people successfully completed Mirrors flagship Community Programme at Southlands Park on Saturday, 11 June 2022, and eight students officially opened the Field of Learning Garden Club.  

The Community Programme is in its 15th year of transformation service for teens 14 to 18 years. Students began with a three-day local residential and ended after eight months of life coaching. The residential environment allows for improved self-awareness stimulation and inspires youth to create immediate shifts in their behaviour and approach to school and life. During the eight-month follow-through component, natural leaders emerged, and students gained confidence in public speaking, teamwork, and character development around the 8 Keys of Excellence. Some gained personal insight into their strengths through the community service project or the experiential learning events, and others had breakthroughs through the personal life coaching as they worked on achieving goals.    

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Dr Ernest Peets Jr attended the event on behalf of Minister Simmons. Minister Peets congratulated the students on their achievements and Ms. Jeanene Todd, who was recently promoted to Lead Facilitator status. Ms. Todd has been invited to join the international Quantum Learning Global team as a facilitator to continue her development. She is scheduled to participate in the upcoming international camps in Vietnam and Singapore.  

Minister Peets was enthused by the birth of the “Field of Learning Garden Club” at Southlands. Cohort 17 spent many hours of service clearing the land and was rewarded with the donation of a plot of land. After the initial planting by Cohort 17 participants on 30 April 2022, eight students from Berkeley Institute, CedarBridge Academy, Somerfield and Dellwood attend every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to grow using the bio-intensive way of farming under AgraLiving Institute with Chris Farias. 

About a quarter of the plot was planted and used as the backdrop for the closing ceremony. 

Students were proud to showcase their labour of love to parents and stakeholders and spoke about why they signed up for the Community Programme or the Field of Learning and the personal benefits gained to date. Mirrors experienced a 50 percent return rate with volunteers for this cohort and all participants, including the volunteers, received certificates of participation and personal development hours.

For more information on the Mirrors Programme or to volunteer for Cohort 18 call 294-9291 or email

“Join the transformation of a generation”

Feature Photos: Courtesy of the Department of Communications