News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – At the Mirrors volunteer reception and opening of the Fourth Annual Art and Digital Competition on Friday, July 3, 2020, the Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons thanked volunteers and the Mirrors Alumni Board for their service and contribution to the advancement of the Mirrors Programme. Minister Simmons cut the ribbon to open the event held in the Rick Faries Gallery at Masterworks.

Minister Simmons said: “Thank you for providing the resources required to empower young people in Bermuda. We know this would not be possible without the time and talents contributed by volunteers.

“These are unprecedented times, and as a community, we are keenly aware of the emotional, financial and physical impact this pandemic is having on us. Anyone would be pardoned for reserving their time and attention for themselves and their families amid a global crisis. Still, the people in this room made a choice to go beyond what would be acceptable under the circumstances. You have extended your homes by continuing to provide caring and guidance throughout the pandemic to those young people you made a commitment to eleven months ago. We thank you for going beyond the call.”

“We encourage our volunteers to remain committed to serving our youth and to help others to share in the experience as well. It’s these positive social connections between adults and our youth that will continue to build a more cohesive, safer and stronger community. Your consistent presence is critical to the future of Bermuda.”

The event was hosted by the Mirrors Alumni & Friends Association in partnership with Burrows Lightbourne and Masterworks. Additional partners could not be present due to the occupancy restrictions. Mirrors Programme Manager, Kimberley Jackson stated: “On behalf of Mirrors and the Ministry of Legal Affairs, we wish to thank our partners and supporters for their ongoing contribution to positive youth development. It takes the community to raise a child. We appreciate your support.”

Ms Jackson added: “The student art exhibit never fails to provide us with a remarkable display of our youth’s creative and artistic talent.

“This year the competition’s theme was ‘Home -Exploring different notions of what constitutes a feeling of belonging’. Little did we know when we selected the subject that we would be in a pandemic, and students were physically at home sheltering-in-place.

“The submissions are once again fantastic. We are encouraging everyone to visit the gallery to view the exhibit and to cast a vote for the people’s choice award. The exhibition is open through August 8th, 2020.

Mirrors Programme is a personal development and coaching organization for youth in Bermuda. To find out more about Mirrors Programme and what it has to offer, please visit the programme website on

AWARDS – Volunteer of the Year

This year it was very difficult to select one person when actually two people demonstrated significant contribution over the course of the year, as such two persons were awarded the title 2020 Volunteer of the Year.

First Volunteer of the Year

Cerepha Bridgeman of the Bermuda Police Service has volunteered 10 times over the past 10 years in the capacity of a life coach and once as an onsite volunteer. She is always willing to support her community and on three occasions she went beyond her commitment to coaching one youth and coached two young people. She lives the work, she sees how this work can help her be a better person, which has allowed her to develop great self-confidence. This has also allowed her to explore how being vulnerable with herself and others will support her in connecting with her community on a deeper level. In all she does and says, she is a reflection of the key of “Integrity”; matching your behaviour to your values.

Second Volunteer of the Year

Denise Wilson-Adams has been a Mirrors volunteer since 2010. She has volunteered as a life coach, provided production and logistics support at camps and shared her decorating skills at most of the Mirrors events. She has supported almost all events held by the organization such as parent meetings, senior forum and junior forum camps, closing ceremonies and monthly follow-through sessions usually arriving before everyone and is the last to leave. Denise has made it her mission to know the intricacies of Mirrors. In 2014 she joined the Mirrors Alumni and Friends Association Board and is currently the Chair of the board. She truly is an extension of the Mirrors Team. Sometimes she has to remind us that she doesn’t work for Mirrors! She consistently goes beyond the call of duty, she sees the vision for the Alumni and works to fulfil the vision on a daily basis. She does not rest until the job is done. She truly is a reflection of the key of “Commitment”; follow your vision without wavering. As Mirrors pivoted to support parents during the “Shelter In Place” period and remote learning, Denise joined us at almost every Zoom session with over 600 parents to provide support and feedback at our debrief sessions which demonstrates her commitment to the success of the organization. No matter what is needed you can always count on her to go the extra mile and support the organization in her commitment to contribute to Bermuda’s youth.

 Outstanding Contribution to Mirrors Alumni and Friends Association Board Member

The awardee for Outstanding Contribution to Mirrors Alumni and Friends Association Board Member is Tammy Warren. She started as a Mirrors volunteer in the capacity of a life coach and supported in that role over the past three years. She then expanded her role and joined the Mirrors Alumni and Friends Association as a Board member. This past year she had the responsibility of overseeing the Mirrors annual tag day which is not an easy task. She was courageous enough to step outside of her comfort zone and make it happen. She unassumingly always considers the bigger picture and what it will take to accomplish the task at hand. In her communication with others, youth or adult, she speaks to encourage and empower them. She is a reflection of the key “Speak with Good Purpose”; speak honestly and kindly.

Tenure Awardees

3-4 Roles Special Recognition

Kimberley Greene

Patrice Brown

Simon Joseph

5-6 Roles – Bronze Award

Iesha Musson

10 Roles- Gold Award

Cerepha Bridgeman

Jonathan Nesbit

2020 Volunteers

Office Support

Valerie Dill

Kimika Jackson – Student Intern

Jeanette Robinson

Heather Stephens

Delores Thompson

Junior Forum Volunteers

  •  Akilah Smith
  • AleshaPage
  • Denise Wilson-Adams
  • Denishun Furbert
  • Iesha Musson
  • Jayvon Iris
  • Jonathan Nisbett
  • Khomisha Lottimore
  • Lakray Dagrilla
  • Leslie Grant
  • Sache Bascome
  • Shereet Fern
  • Sherwin Wilson
  • Tracey Wilkinson
  • Zakee Govia

Cohort 15 Life Coaches

  •  Antoine Lightbourne
  • Caroline Rance
  • Cerepha Bridgeman
  • David Stubbs
  • Donna Smith
  • Gary Joel
  • Gladwina O’Mara
  • Iesha Musson
  • Jay Donawa
  • Jennifer Murdoch
  • Kim Green
  • Kofi Agyakwa-duodu
  • Luvern Trott
  • Meishka Zuill
  • Nea-Cherri Simmons
  • Pamella Blackwood
  • Patrice Brown
  • Sarah Turnball
  • Sharon Evans
  • Simon Joseph
  • Tahiyyah Muwwakkil
  • Terrence Burgess