News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Last week, the Mirrors Programme hosted a prize-giving ceremony for students who entered the Annual Art and Digital Competition held in partnership with the Mirrors Alumni & Friends Association and Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.

The theme of the competition was ‘Home – Exploring different notions of what constitutes a feeling of belonging’. Students from Bermuda’s public and private schools entered 71 pieces of artwork, including nine digital art submissions were displayed at the Masterworks Museum from July 3 through August 8, 2020.

Three community judges selected the winning categories. The public vote decided the “People’s Choice” awards for primary, middle and senior school levels during the exhibit. Schools received $3,300 in prize money, and students received monetary prizes.

The Attorney General and Minister for Legal Affairs, Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons was on hand to present the awards and said a few words of congratulations to the young artists.

Minister Simmons said, “Self-expression is one of the key values of the Mirrors Programme. Expressing oneself through Art of any form is an ideal way for youth to share their stories, express their ideas, gain confidence and connect with other people that translates into success throughout the developmental years to adulthood. We are delighted to continue this competition focused on self-expression and within the overall aims of the Mirrors Programme.”

This year the students completed most of their work while at home. Mirrors Acting Programme Manager, Jeanene Todd thanked teachers for devoting class time during the shelter in place to assist students and connect the theme to an expression of Art.

The 3rd Place winners were:

Primary – Althea Faith Sevilla – Purvis Primary School

Middle – Zori Weeks – Dellwood Middle School

High School – Naryn Isaac – Impact Mentoring Academy

The 2nd Place winners were:

Primary – Seri Fisher – Warwick Academy

Middle – Legend Stevenson – Sandy’s Middle School

High School – Priel Minors – Cedarbridge Academy

The 1st Place winners were:

Primary – Xion Smith – Purvis Primary School

Middle – Alexa Matthie – Clearwater Middle School

High School – Indio Francis – Bermuda Institute

The Individual Digital Art winners were:

3rd – Mica Cook – Mount Saint Agnes Academy

2nd – Amber Furtado – Mount Saint Agnes Academy

1st – Kayla Caldwell – Mount Saint Agnes Academy

The People’s Choice winners were:

Primary – Seri Fisher – Warwick Academy

Middle – Alexa Matthie – Clearwater Middle School

High School – Indio Francis – Bermuda Institute

School Prizes:

Purvis Primary School –           $500.00

Somerset Primary School        $350.00

Warwick Academy                   $250.00

Bermuda High School              $1,000.00

Clearwater Middle School        $350.00

Dellwood Middle School          $250.00

Bermuda Institute                    $350.00

Mount Saint Agnes Academy $1,800.00