National Security Minister Wayne Caines, who also holds responsibility for Immigration and Home Affairs, stated yesterday that the department has received 115 complaints to date, with another 150 reports of immigration violations in 2017.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday, he said he recognised “there has been a level of sensitivity about reporting breaches”, and that it takes roughly two to three months to investigate legitimate complaints.

The Minister also stressed that anonymity is a key part of the process in addition to relying on the public, tips from other departments or the police.

Anonymous calls can be made to 296-5202, and the department can be e-mailed at

Members of the public can also visit the department at 30 Parliament Street in Hamilton to speak with a compliance inspector, or send in details.

“If you see an individual or company in breach of the law, take on the responsibility to do the right thing, and file a report,” said Mr Caines.

Some of the complaints frequently received are:
  1. Employers and/or employees who are suspected of being in breach of the Work Permit Policy
  2.  Employers and/or employees suspected of operating beyond the scope of their approved work permit category
  3. Individuals who remain in Bermuda past the date permitted
  4. Any other matters where it is believed that someone has breached any of the provisions of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 or its related policies and procedures
“The Department relies 100% on information provided from the public to enable them to investigate potential breaches. With this in mind, every effort has been made to make this process as convenient, and unobtrusive as possible,” the Minister added.
“Again, I recognize the social ignominy which may follow reporting persons or companies, but cannot stress the need for the public’s
involvement in this process.
“I ask all of Bermuda, if you see an individual or company in violation of an Immigration Law, I implore you to report it. As stated in the throne speech, this Government is committed to the people of Bermuda and is actively making the necessary amendments to Immigration Law and policy so that all Bermudians can enjoy a better and fairer Bermuda.”
  • Photos Courtesy of DCI, Group Photo (l-t-r): Chair of the Immigration Board, Mrs. Renee Ming, Minister of National Security, Wayne M. Caines, Department of Immigration Principal Compliance Officer, Mr. Mikkel Harris.