Transport Minister Wayne Furbert today unveiled ten new electric buses that arrived this month, with another 15 due to arrive on island on Monday, August 28.

Delighted with the delivery, the Minister said“We’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of 15 more buses…, followed by the remaining 15 on September 3.”

Now that the new additions have been delivered to the Department of Public Transportation (DPT), he said: “We’ve encountered difficulties in meeting the transportation needs of our residents and visitors.

“These challenges have stemmed from the age of our diesel bus fleet and delays in receiving our new electric buses.

“The buses will be on the road next week following a thorough inspection, testing of systems, employee orientation on new features, installation of fare vaults, and the application of internal and external decals or signage.”

Minister continued: “Passengers can expect to see a significant improvement in service quality, with fewer cancellations, by mid-September when all the 2023 series buses are scheduled to be in operation.”

Minister Furbert also highlighted the enhanced capabilities of the new buses, noting: “The 2023 series buses feature larger batteries, with a capacity increase from 180kWh in the 2022 series buses to 255kWh in the 2023 series. This translates to a significantly extended range of approximately 210km, an additional 60km.”

In closing, Minister Furbert said: “We remain thankful for the public’s support as we navigate this challenging summer period.”

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