News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Ministry of Home Affairs wishes to provide an update with regards to Devonshire’s Green Land Farm.

In a story which ran in Friday’s daily, the article stated that owner Paul Almeida was, “awaiting planning permission to install new equipment to cut the stink from a manure pit”.

The Department of Planning can advise that it has received a revision application proposing infrastructure to mitigate certain issues, namely the unpleasant smell of cow manure. Approval of the revision is predicated upon finalization of the Manure Management Plan which was an original condition of planning approval.

The Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said: “Both the Department of Planning and the Department of Health have been working closely with Mr Almeida – and the previous owners – to ensure that we fix all of the issues to the satisfaction of the neighborhood residents with a method that works for everyone.

“We thank Mr Almeida for his efforts in trying to find solutions which have included, most recently, the relocation of some of his cows and treating the manure with enzymes to manage the smell. He bought this farm in July with its pre-existing issues – issues which we are confident can all be overcome.

“We appreciate our farmers and are grateful for their contributions to our local food economy. This Government has long advocated for Bermuda to become more self-sufficient in terms of our food supply with a sustainable agriculture framework in place, in order to lessen our reliance on overseas supplies and, ultimately, lower food costs for certain items.”