News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Ministry of Health advises the public that Lefroy House Care Community staff have recently received a great number of calls from the public regarding relocation of Lefroy House. There seems to be a misperception that a relocation would happen soon following the matter being raised in the budget speech.

Lefroy House will not be moving to a new location in the near future.

The Government has identified an available and suitable parcel of land in Southampton in the Rockaway / Morgan’s Point area close to public transport, ferry and bus routes and removed from traffic noise and pollution. The site is government-owned and adequately zoned. The site has close proximity to the established safe neighbourhoods of Rockaway and Dr Cann Park and there are other shops and facilities including a community physician’s office and the fire station in the neighbourhood.

There is reduced risk for hazards compared to the existing site of Lefroy House.   The current Lefroy House is a listed historic building, built by the Royal Navy as an isolation hospital in 1890 that has been damaged by several hurricanes.

The intent is to move the new Lefroy House from the concept phase to more detailed design and requirements phase this financial year (2019/20). The building project will follow and is expected to take 4 to five years.

A meeting has been scheduled to meet with Family Members regarding the move of Lefroy House so that is not a concern at this time.