Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs joined students participating in the Inaugural Summer Space Camp on day two of the programme today.
The first-ever space camp “was designed to highlight NASA’s 50 Anniversary of the Apollo Landing, NASA’s current Moon 2024 goals, as well as how Bermuda supports launch vehicle tracking capabilities in support of NASA’s missions”.
Twenty Bermuda public middle school students between the age of 11 to 14 are participating in this week’s programme, with another 20 to go in the second round next week.
“With space technology increasing globally and locally, and STEAM instruction gaining traction in our schools, it is important now more than ever to provide the tools to equip our children with the knowledge to compete in this advancing technological landscape,” said Mr Roban.
“One thing that I want to be sure to note, is the contributions that Bermudians made in the Apollo moon landing mission.
“Some of our very own space scientists played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the moon mission and I would like to take a moment to recognize them,” he added.
“These two weeks of summer space camp will focus on topics such as Living in Space, Gravity and Buoyancy, Coding, Alternate Power, Weather and Hurricanes, Climate Change and more. Instructors will include station from NASA and The Challenger Centre.
“Students will have the opportunity to bene6t from activities such as a Drone Obstacle Course, Designing a Mars Base, Designing a Spacecra8, and beyond.”
The Minister also announced that “these camps come at no costs to the students and their parents”.
“The Ministry of Home Affairs worked closely with the Ministry of Education to determine outstanding student candidates who would most benefit from these camps – and that is who is with us today, and will join us for next week’s camp.”
He also recognized and thanked “the parents” there today “for their commitment to the enhanced education of our children”.
“I’d like to thank the Ministry of Education for their hard work in helping with the selection of student’s for this camp,” he added.
“I want to thank the Department of Energy and the Bermuda College for helping to organize the logistics and location for this programme. Your efforts and skills have been invaluable in ensuring the success of this camp.
“I’d also like to thank the NASA instructors who are here for taking the time to put together the curriculum and activities that our students will experience at this camp. Thank you and welcome to Bermuda.
“Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank the US Consul General for joining us today and for making the introduc$on to these skilled instructors and supporting us in executing this camp.”
The Minister concluded: “Students, I want to wish you a safe, fun and enjoyable summer camp experience. I hope that you will take full advantage of the course, activities and resources that will be available to you in the coming week.”
  • Feature Photos Supplied Include (Left to Right): US Consul General Constance Dierman, Minister Walter Roban,  Bermuda Government Director of Energy Jeane Nikolai. Group Shot of participants