Minister of National Security, Michael Weeks, recently commended members of the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) at their recent BFRS Employee Awards Ceremony for their contributions.

Addressing the Acting Chief Fire Officer, special guests, family and friends in attendance, the Minister said: “Their dedication is matched by their humility, and it is my privilege to highlight their excellent work.

“To be a firefighter you must willingly submit to rigorous training, offer an immense level of personal dedication and operate with selflessness,” said Mr Weeks.

“When people run away from danger, it is often the role of a firefighter to face that peril and meet that danger head-on, whether it is during an emergency, medical incident, or other crises.

“The BFRS should be proud of their record of consistently advancing messages of safety and prevention in the community and its commitment to creativity and best practice,” he added.

“Let us not forget the duties that our men and women are required to perform on a daily basis.”

Those duties include:

  • Firefighting
  • Responding to emergency medical calls
  • Hazardous chemical and biohazard responses
  • And, responding to motor vehicle accidents They also provide services including:
  • Community emergency risk management
  • Fire investigation
  • Commercial training, and
  • Building Safety

Now that we are in the midst of the peak season months of the 2022 hurricane season, he also pointed out “the vital role the BFRS carries out as part of the Emergency Measures Organisation – including fire extinguishment, flooding reduction, roof-covering, and building safety for storms and heavy rainfall”.

“The Government remains committed to bolstering the BFRS ranks to provide the needed support for our hardworking firefighters,” said Mr Weeks.

“The Ministry of National Security has already advertised locally to recruit 11 additional firefighters, a campaign that was met with a positive response. We are confident that all vetting, testing and interviewing will be completed in time for the successful applicants to commence their training shortly.

“Training takes time, and the women and men of the BFRS are committed to producing top-quality Bermudian firefighters who will carry on the tradition of professionalism that is the hallmark of this uniformed Service. In this, they have the full support of the Ministry.”

The ceremony was also held in recognition of “our essential emergency dispatchers, administrative staff, and other key personnel who work hard every day for the public”.

“Without their support, the excellent service to the public for which the BFRS is known would not be possible,” said the Minister.

“Having recognised the organisation as a whole, let us now hear the names and stories of some of the BFRS personnel who have provided such outstanding Service across our community.”

Civilian Staff 5 Year Award Yaima Govia (Administration)

Renee Raynor (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) Rochelle Marshall (Emergency Medical Dispatcher)

Civilian Staff 10 Year Award

Jokeita Henry (Information & Tech)

Civilian Staff 15 Year Award

Elouise Burcher (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) Anna Swann (Administration)

Janae Foley (Emergency Medical Dispatcher)

Civilian Staff 20 Year Award

Carlos Caisey (Chef)

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medals Awarded

Crew One

Jay Astwood (A/Sgt.)

Christopher Clarke (A/Sgt.)

Crew Four

Sgt. Vance Hassell

Crew Two

Charles Butterfield (A/Sgt.)

Leroy Maxwell (A/Sgt.)

Airport Operations Division

Hezekiah Fox (Senior Airport FF)

Johan Wernbo (Airport FF)


Lt. Anthony Caisey

Lt. Jamal Albouy

Lt. Raymond Masters

Lt. Josonne Smith

Deroy Somner (A/Lt.)

Recruits of 2020

Idrees Sharrief (Most Outstanding Recruit)

Damon Ming (President)

Takyh Sharief Hayward (Most Academic)

Callon Burns (Team Award)