News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Minister of National Security, Michael Weeks, stated that “I wish the public to know that there are no plans to close any fire station.

“The Ministry is committed to delivering the highest level of emergency services to our residents. We are proud of the standards of service that our first responders provide and the long history of reliable and effective response times. The fire service mobilizes within two minutes of any call, and arrives at any location on the island within 15 minutes.

“The Ministry of National Security and the Fire Service Association have had ongoing discussions to ensure that we continue to meet those response times. A general membership meeting of the Fire Service Association is scheduled for this evening and, as agreed, a joint statement will be issued after that meeting.

“I want to stress to the people of Bermuda that if you call our emergency services, help will arrive quickly and efficiently. We will continue to ensure our fire service is run safely, effectively, efficiently and meeting our response times remain a priority.

“We continue to work together to keep you safe.”