Now that the curfew has ended, Minister of National Security, Renée Ming took time out last weekend (Feb 13) to visit with the  Bermuda Police Service’s (BPS) COVID Compliance Team, who were responsible for conducting the nightly curfew checkpoints.

In follow up to that meeting, Minister Ming said: “Last weekend I was pleased to stop in and visit our dedicated police officers who played a key role in enforcing our curfew regulations.

“These individuals were on the frontlines in the early morning hours keeping our residents safe, while we were at home. So I thought it was important to personally express my thanks and appreciation to the team of officers who were on duty.

Last weekend was a particularly busy one for the team, with 15 people being cited for curfew violations.”

From a public safety standpoint now that the curfew is over, she appealed to residents not to drink and drive and make sensible decisions while out on our roads.

“We still encourage the community to make sensible decisions if they intend to be out and about in the evening hours,” she said.

“Please don’t drink and drive, and of course please exercise safety when on the roads by obeying the traffic laws in place to avoid prosecution.

“Lastly, I wish to thank all residents for their cooperation during the curfew. Their compliance was a major factor as to why Bermuda’s COVID-19 numbers declined.”