Jamahl Simmons, Minister of Economic Development & Tourism

Minister of Tourism and Economic Development, Jamahl Simmons, issued a public reminder today that the consultative process surrounding Shelly Bay has not concluded and that you still have an opportunity to have your views heard and help shape the final outcome. 

“This consultative process will only conclude after proposals surrounding potential offerings at Shelly Bay have been received and shared with stakeholders,” he said.

“The Government is committed to stimulating the economy, enhancing opportunities for small business growth, and to creating new and innovative opportunities for entrepreneurs.

“As part of that commitment, in our 2017 Platform we advocated for the creation of a Beach Economy that would enhance our tourism product and create opportunities for so many entrepreneurs long denied the opportunity to do for self.

“Yet as we seek to create more opportunities for Bermudians, we are equally committed to protecting and sustaining our culture, our traditions and the positive aspects of our community that generations past built for today’s Bermuda.  That’s why we have engaged in an extensive consultative process in reference to Shelly Bay and why we will continue to consult with the community.  It is important that all views are heard, all views are respected and all views are considered,” he added.

He concluded by encouraging the to “express your views, share your ideas and offer solutions that are focused on the greater good”.