• The following statement was released this morning by PLP MP Jamahl Simmons, Minister Without Portfolio

It is understandable that the opposition would seek to talk about anything but the fact that government has achieved the first budget surplus in 17 years and that the national debt will fall this year for the first time since 2003.  While that is good news for Bermudians, the opposition is more interested in operating as a political side show.

Michael Dunkley, OBA MP & Former Premier

If the former Premier had been paying attention in Parliament during the 2018 Budget Debate, he would remember that he had asked about the funding for the Brussels office and was informed at that time that the funding for the Brussels Office had been set aside within the budget for the London Office.  The former Premier remarked at that time, ‘…we have vital challenges to face in our overseas negotiations and relationships with people. So I accept that 11 percent increase…”

Mr Dunkley has known for almost a year that funding had been set aside for this important initiative and expressed support for it.  Why the change of face?

The OBA’s position has long been that anyone even remotely affiliated with the Progressive Labour Party regardless of qualifications and regardless of expertise is automatically disqualified from using those qualifications and expertise in the service of their own country.

With the serious threats to our economy emerging from Europe, one would have hoped that a former leader of this country would be able to set aside his political biases and support the appointment of an educated, qualified Bermudian to this role.  Sadly, Mr. Dunkley seems more interested in undermining potential investment and attacking the work being done to protect our economy than in doing what is best for Bermudians

Government determined that Ms. Webb based on her qualifications and expertise was the best person for the job and we stand by that decision.