News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Minister of Home Affairs and Deputy Premier Walter Roban visited the solar panel facility at Pompano Beach Hotel in Southampton on Monday (Feb 22).

The solar installation, built 100′ above sea level on the hotel’s old dump, is protected from the threat of ocean surges and holds 800 panels at about 390 watts of installed capacity per panel.

Each panel uses a Smart control system with real-time feedback and the ability to monitor each panel individually for performance data.

The Minister was joined by Larry Lamb, General Manager of the Pompano Beach Club, Patrick Caton, Principal Power Engineer, IMG Bermuda Ltd., and Nalton Brangman, Project Manager, IMG Bermuda Ltd.

The facility has been constructed by a full Bermudian team, and also served as a training ground for Bermudian electricians and apprentices in solar panel installation.

Minister Roban stated: “I am pleased to see the results of hard work by the Bermudian team. The Covid pandemic has impacted our work and training opportunities all around, but I am proud to know that this team of Bermudian workers pulled together to complete this impressive solar installation.”

Pompano owner, Larry Lamb, expressed that overall he was very positive about how solar hits a triple bottom line of benefits. Today’s tourists want to stay in ‘greener’ accommodations, and this development offers a significant contribution to improving Bermuda’s energy usage:

  • It reduces both demand charges and kWh use
  • It gives a greener footprint to the hotel
  • It’s ‘the right thing to do- good for Pompano’s budgets, does its part to reduce the amount Bermuda spends on foreign oil, and does its part for reducing emissions.

Minister Roban commented: “The development of the solar installation at Pompano is evidence of Bermuda’s commitment to finding innovative solutions to the energy challenges we face today.

“This Government will continue to support initiatives that take a modern approach toward creating renewable, clean, sustainable energy, while at the same time, providing opportunities for Bermudians.”