Deputy Premier and Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs, Walter Roban has extended the public consultation period for the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda’s (RAB) Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) Proposal until August 17, 2018.

The IRP’s initial public consultation deadline was set for July 2nd but feedback from the public and other interested parties suggested more time was needed to give meaningful suggestions on alternative proposals for bulk generation or demand-side resources. The RAB sought Ministerial approval to extend the deadline after this feedback.

Minister Roban said: “The Integrated Resource Plan is a transparent regulatory process, run by the Regulatory Authority, which places the ownership for Bermuda’s energy future in the hands of the public. The process is interactive and we desire a more open discussion, which the Integrated Resource Planning process will provide.”

After the public consultation period is over, the RAB will set out a strategy for the procurement and retirement of generation assets as well as demand-side resources that meet the needs of consumers in a way that is cost-effective and consistent with Bermuda’s energy policies and initiatives.