News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport clarified that SafeKey remains in effect for League and County cricket games, however under revised parameters.

Late this week, Minister Ernest Peets attended a meeting concering local cricket. The Minister listened to the concerns and feedback shared regarding the resumption of League and County cricket games.

Based on the frank discussions, a decision was made for League and County cricket games to proceed without SafeKey for events with 275 or less attendees, with the condition to restrict indoor activities to minimize potential COVID exposure.

An amended Gazette Notice for cricket League and County games will be Gazetted outlining the approval.

And Cricket Clubs have affirmed their commitment to the safety of their players and patrons, and will employ the COVID protocols as outlined.

Returning to sport has been a long and difficult journey, in part due to the difficulty of balancing safety and the resumption of recreation and sport.

However the Government and the country has worked extremely hard to mitigate the health risks of the pandemic, and the Government will continue to be vigilant to ensure the protection of the community.