Household trash disposal stepped up to an new all-time low, with word that residents are dumping human and animal waste to be collected by garbage collectors.

Public Works Minister, Lieutenant Colonel David Burch issued a statement just after 5pm this evening, expressing his “complete shock and disgust at the depositing of human waste in trash bags placed out for collection this past Tuesday”.

We are having increasing incidences where our waste collection staff are finding human and animal waste and other contraband placed in residential garbage bags. This most recent incident occurred at Cedar Hill, Warwick,” he said.

I think the entire community will agree with me that this is not only absolutely unsanitary and abhorrent, but more importantly, it poses a significant health and safety risk to our workers,” he said.

“It’s amazing that we actually have to remind the public not to dispose of human and animal waste via the weekly garbage, but here we are,” he added.

I am urging members of the public who are engaging in this type of disgusting behaviour to stop.”

On that note the Minister said: “Please have some respect for the hard working men and women of our Waste Management Section, who diligently do their jobs daily, often under thankless conditions, simply to ensure that our Island maintains its cleanliness and beauty.”

Minister Burch advised that the disposal of paints and other hazardous waste items through residential collection is also a rising concern.  All of these items can be disposed of – free of charge – at the Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility.

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  • Feature Photo Supplied: Images of human waste from residential trash bags