News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Minister of Education, Diallo Rabain  took note of recent reports of alleged bullying and harassment in Bermuda’s public schools and urged educators, parents and students to take action when it occurs.

He responded to a press statement by activist group Social Justice Bermuda which indicated that some students face bullying and harassment based on their choice of religion.

Minister Rabain stated: “I implore every student, their guardians and parents, as well as school staff, to report any instances of bullying and harassment experienced by students regardless of the basis of that bullying or harassment. Concerning bullying, this is not allowed nor tolerated in the Bermuda Public School System.  If bullying does happen, it needs to be reported and addressed immediately. There are specific policies around bullying that have been put in place to respond to such behaviour, and we will not allow our students or staff to be victimized in this way with impunity. As referenced in the Department of Education’s Student Code of Conduct.

“School culture and climate have a profound impact on students’ academic progress and their relationships with peers and adults. Each school is expected to promote a positive school culture that provides students with a supportive environment in which to grow both socially and academically. Schools are expected to take a proactive role in nurturing students’ pro-social behaviour. Social-emotional learning must be a basic component of a school’s program of universal prevention for all students.”

Minister Rabain went on to say: “The Ministry of Education is focused on the implementation of comprehensive education reform.  Our goal is to ensure that all of Bermuda’s students are given the opportunity to receive a first-class education and subsequently compete both locally and globally.”