Minister of Youth, Culture & Sport, Senator Owen Darrell officially announced the reopening of the Bernard Park Netball Courts this week, after a closure of just over nine months.

The decision to fix the problems was made for health and safety due to the extensive cracks developed in the courts.

Speaking at the official reopening, the Minister said: “Netball holds a special place as one of the premier all-female sports on the island.

Joined by Kimale Evans, President of the Bermuda Netball Association, and Tahkeisha Welch, and Secretary, he also said the Government was “actively engaged in supporting eligible National Sports“.

Mr Darrell also noted that in his role as Minister, he “remained unwaveringly committed to ensuring the safe and timely return of this cherished government-owned facility“.

“I would like to thank the Public Works Department for their invaluable assistance in repairing the cracks.

“Additionally, we express our appreciation to Fast Services for their meticulous work in
sealing and painting the surface,“ he added.

“It’s worth noting that the courts have been equipped with a non-slip surface material, a measure aimed at providing athletes with enhanced traction.“

Moving forward, he said: “I eagerly look forward to the resumption of netball activities at Bernard Park.

“The familiar sound of whistles blowing, and the joyous cheers of spectators will once again fill the air.

“As teams prepare for the upcoming season opener just a few weeks from now, netball will thrive anew in this park.

“My greatest aspiration is to witness our National Netball Team attain regional success in the future, all while knowing that their training and access to this facility was made possible through the collective efforts of all who contributed to resurfacing these government-owned courts.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the BNA, its affiliates, and all the passionate supporters of this sport for their unwavering patience and understanding throughout this process.“