News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda, April 28, 2023 – As we close out Vaccination Week of the Americas, we are pleased to announce the launch of a one-of-a-kind health App. In 2019 the Department of Health promised to deliver an App as a part of the Vaccine Uptake/Vaccine Hesitancy strategy to provide information on vaccines, Department of Health services, and related health information. We had to delay the launch as a result of the pandemic, but I am pleased that we can now proceed as planned.

The app will feature the following:

1. The vaccination schedule, where you can find out what vaccines you should have had, according to your age based on Bermuda’s vaccination schedule.

2. A milestones guide which lets you get information about your child’s development stages.

3. Immunization Services, where you can find out about the locations and times for your next vaccination. At the moment, users can access the Vaccine Checker Feature by inputting their birthdate. The App will show where they should be on the vaccine schedules, look at the developmental milestones, and view clinic services. Users can subscribe to receive messages, push notifications, “In the Know” news notifications, view the gallery, and view upcoming community events. This App will provide the community with easy access to vaccine and child health information and, most importantly, is a space for reliable health information.

The App was one of the components of a multi-pronged approach to increasing the community’s trust, knowledge and participation in Bermuda’s Immunization Programme. I encourage everyone to download this App today – it is an innovative vaccine resource and a valuable platform to share information on vaccination in Bermuda.