Minister of Government Reform Lovitta Foggo will deliver an update in the House of Assembly later today on the current status of Union negotiations.
Ms Foggo is one of four Cabinet Members scheduled to make Ministerial Statements when the House resumes at 10am this morning.
Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs, Walter Roban will update MPs on Emerging Space Economies.
He will also table the Electricity (Licence Threshold) Regulations 2018 for consideration.
Health Minister Kim Wilson will address ‘Celebrating life with the gift that keeps giving’.
Minister of Tourism and Economic Development, Jamahl Simmons will speak on the BEDC Enterprise Bermuda Incubator Programme. And National Security Minister Wayne Caines will give an ‘Explanation of the Termination of the GVI Initiative’.
Three new Bills will also be introduced today, including
The Public Service Superannuation Amendment Act 2018, by Premier David Burt.
Education Minister Diallo Rabain will carry the 
Department of Libraries and Archives (Reorganization) Act 2018.
Minister Wilson will also carry the Evidence (Audio Visual Link) Act 2018.
Orders of the Day include the Second Reading of the Companies and Limited Liability Company (Initial Coin
Offering) Amendment Act 2018, the Companies Amendment Act 2018, and the
Appropriation Amendment Act 2018.