The latest digest on statistics, shows the number of marriages declined in Bermuda by 12 percent to 450 between 2015 and 2016.

And enrolment by students at Bermuda College declined by 30 percent to 675 students.

Minister of Government Reform, Lovitta Foggo released the Bermuda Digest of Statistics 2017 today.

The Digest, which is “structured into ten sections and contains brief quick facts and charts”, contains a “wealth of data about Bermuda’s social, demographic and economic conditions”.

Minister Foggo noted that “this publication is an excellent tool for research, school projects, marketing initiatives and business planning”.

Some of the 2015-2016 highlights include:

  • The number of marriages declined by 12% to 450
  • Bermuda College enrolment declined by 30% to 675 students
  • Government revenue increased by 4% and expenditure increased by 5%, resulting in a deficit of $182 million
  • The value of goods imported increased by 5% to $971 million
  • The number of public passenger road transport journeys and corresponding receipts both declined by 17%
  • The number of visitor arrivals increased by 8% to 642,395
  • The number of applications for planning permission decreased by 15% to 872

Copies of the Bermuda Digest of Statistics 2017 are available online on the Bermuda Government website.