Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown, is due to deliver an update this morning (Friday), on the  current status of negotiations with the UK Passport Office (HMPO), on the issuance of new Bermuda passports with the required ‘BMU’ code.
He will be responding to questions fielded by One Bermuda Alliance MP Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, who also wants to know the Government’s rationale for sending the dispute with the Department of Public Transportation, with regard to the recent action by bus operators, to the Labour Disputes Tribunal.
You may recall the work to rule recently lifted, barred over time, which resulted in no bus service on Heroes Day 2018.
Three Ministerial Statements are also listed on the Order Paper, to be led off by Premier and Finance Minister David Burt, on Amending the Banks and Deposit Companies Act 1999.
The Premier is also due to deliver a written response to a parliamentary question from Opposition MP Michael Dunkley, who asked if the Premier “would inform the House of all paid consultants currently hired in the Cabinet Office; and provide details of their responsibility, remuneration and length of contract”.
Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs, Walter Roban will also deliver an update on a Government Throne Speech Initiative, as it relates to Energy Efficiency.
And Public Works Minister, Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch will update the House on Waste Management.