Newly appointed Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Senator Owen Darrell, extended condolences on behalf of the Bermuda Government following the passing of Frederick ‘Skipper’ Ingham.

In a statement released this weekend, Minister Darrell said: “I extend my heartfelt condolences to Skipper’s family, loved ones and friends. Skipper Ingham was a martial arts legend in Bermuda. He became involved in the sport after spending time in Japan during his time as a merchant seaman.

“He honed his karate skills in New York, studying under Grand-Master Peter Urban. And from there his talents grew, and over the years, he became one of the most revered and respected martial artists in Bermuda. He was determined to grow the sport in Bermuda and opened a karate school, where he trained the next generation of martial artists.

“Mr Ingham amassed numerous recognitions and honours over his lifetime, including a Queen’s Honour and an induction into the Sports Hall of Fame.

“Skipper’s passing is a great loss for Bermuda. He was an inspiration and a mentor to many, and we will be forever grateful for his contributions to Bermuda’s community and sports history.”