Health Minister Kim Wilson recently congratulated the latest round of participants in the Healthy Schools Programme. 
Speaking at the 2018 Healthy Schools Awards ceremony, held on June 6 at the Bermuda Society of Arts at City Hall, the Minister said the programme is “vital” for the future of Bermuda’s health.
“Together, the Ministries of Education and Health realize that the Healthy Schools programme is a vital link between education and health,” said Ms Wilson
“In addition, our Ministries and our community health partners have a common goal, which is to ensure that our school students are healthy, positioned for success and able to deliver continued prosperity to Bermuda.”
Overall, she said the Government “strategy for a Well Bermuda targets every age group across the life course”.
“A large portion of a child’s growth takes place while he or she is a student, so schools are the perfect place to teach important lessons about the relationship between academics and nutrition, health and wellness.  When students are healthy, they are better able to achieve their potential,” she said.  
She also congratulated the student participants for their outstanding achievements and teachers.
“You are well on the way to helping your students establish lifelong healthy habits that will allow them to become viable and healthy members of our society.
“The Healthy Schools Programme recognizes that the culture and philosophy of each school is unique and that each school interacts with its community in different ways, while promoting health.  As a result, parents can expect that health will be a part of a school’s culture, regardless of which school their child attends,” said the Minister. 
“Today, we celebrate and recognize the schools that have consistently promoted health to their students, staff and communities – all while delivering academics!  Through the ten components of health, the assessment process standardizes health in schools,” she added.
A total of 26 of 31 public and private, primary, middle and senior schools were received and reviewed. Each school received a Gold Star Award of Achievement and has been designated as a health promoting school.
Another 47 individuals were nominated as Health Champions by their schools. One outstanding Department of Health school-based staff member was been nominated by a programme manager. And two individuals working for community health partners and five community health organizations were recognized.
Education Minister Diallo Rabain and Minister Wilson presented the Health Champion Awards, Outstanding Health Services Awards, Special Recognition Awards, and Healthy Schools Gold Star Awards.
In alphabetical order are the winners of the 2018 THREE GOLD STAR AWARDS for demonstrating compliance of 3 of 5 Healthy Schools Components: 
  • Bermuda High School for Girls
  • TN Tatem Middle School
In alphabetical order are the winners of the 2018 FOUR GOLD STAR AWARDS for demonstrating compliance of 4 of 5 Healthy Schools Components:
  • Dellwood Middle School
In alphabetical order are the winners of the 2018 FIVE GOLD STAR AWARDS for demonstrating compliance of 5 of 5 Healthy Schools Components:
  • Berkeley Institute, The
  • Bermuda Institute
  • CedarBridge Academy
  • Clearwater Middle School
  • Dalton E. Tucker Primary
  • Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy
  • East End Primary
  • Elliot Primary School
  • Francis Patton Primary
  • Gilbert Institute Primary
  • Heron Bay Primary
  • Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • Northlands Primary
  • Paget Primary
  • Prospect Primary 
  • Purvis Primary
  • Somersfield Academy
  • Somerset Primary
  • Sandys Secondary Middle School
  • StDavid’s Primary
  • Victor Scott Primary
  • West End Primary
  • West Pembroke Primary
The Nominated Health Champions for each school are as follows:
  • The Berkeley Institute – Mr Brenton Burgess
  • Bermuda Institute – Mrs Joan Goldbourne
  • CedarBridge Academy – Mrs Melanie Burrows
  • Clearwater Middle School – Ms Terri Crockwell
  • Dalton E Tucker Primary – Mrs Ayeshia Brown
  • Dellwood Middle School – Ms Ajané Webb
  • East End Primary – Ms Sarah Robinson
  • Francis Patton Primary – Mr Robert Corday
  • Gilbert Institute – Mrs Suzette Cheeseman
  • Heron Bay Primary – Mrs Amanda Lohan
  • Mount Saint Agnes Academy – Mrs Kim Raymond 
  • Northlands Primary – Mr Quincy Aberdeen 
  • Prospect Primary – Mr Anthony Peets
  • Sandys Secondary Middle School – Ms Angeia Symonds
  • Somerset Primary – Mr Richard Campbell
  • Somersfield Academy – Mrs Feven  Binega Northcott 
  • St David’s Primary – Mrs ShaeVonne Welch
  • St George’s Preparatory School – Ms Monica Dunstan
  • Victor Scott Primary – Mr Nuri Latham
  • West End Primary – Mr Shaun Philpott
Outstanding Recipient from Dept. of Health School-Based Services nominated by the Child and School Health Coordinator is:
  • Ms Joanna Heaney, School nurse
Community Health Partner Special Recognition Awards to Individuals:
  • Mrs Azuree Williams, Educator of the Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre’s SunSmart Programme
  • Ms Sara Bosch de Noya, Education at the Bermuda Diabetes Association
Community Health Partner Special Recognition Awards to Organizations in alphabetical order are:
  • The Argus Group
  • BF&M
  • Keep Bermuda Beautiful
  • La Trattoria