Minister of Social Development and Sports, Zane DeSilva, recently attended the closing ceremony for the six-day ‘Super Camp’ for the Mirrors Programme graduates, who “experienced opportunities to strengthen themselves as individuals – physically, personally and academically”.

A Ministry spokesperson said: “They also engaged in activities to support their development in communication, self-expression and building relationships.”

Participants were also “challenged to grow academically as they participated in academic rotations in speed reading and writing”. They were also introduced “to academic skills to support successful study, memorization, note-taking and focus”.

Daily physical activities included “kinesthetic learning element’s, dancing, team building activities and “an outdoor adventure day on Paget Island”.

The recent graduation ceremony for the residential programme was attended by more than 100 family members and friends, who were there to celebrate the participants’ completion of “the intensive six-day personal development course”, held at the Willowbank Resort in Sandys.

The graduation ceremony ceremony held last weekend, was also attended by Mirrors Programme Coordinator Kim Jackson.

Several members of the audience, including the Minister’s wife, shed tears during the moving ceremony as the participants recalled their own personal experiences firsthand.

The programme included “a raft of practical exercises designed to help teach the teens participating how to be accountable for their choices, actions and dreams, as well as an outdoor adventure day at Fort Cunningham”.

The ‘Super Camp’ is designed for young boys and girls between 14 to 18 years of age.

  • Photos Courtesy of DCI