Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports, Lovitta Foggo congratulated the 29 recipients of the Department of Workforce Development’s (DWD) annual scholarship awards programme this year.

At a special ceremony in late June, Minister Foggo presented 29 individuals with National Technical Vocational Training awards (NTVT), Technical and Vocational Education and Training awards (TEVT), and Bermuda College scholarship awards.

There were 15 NTVT awards in total which were valued at up to $10,000 annually, with four (4) TVETs awards valued up to $5,000.

The ten (10) Local awards for the Bermuda College students in accredited degree courses (not PACE) covered full tuition and incidentals for the duration of their programme.

In acknowledging the students, Minister Foggo highlighted the wide array of studies that the recipients were undertaking, such as Mathematics and Actuarial Science, Neuroscience Microbiology and Immunology, Radiology Technology, Nursing and Cyber Security to name a few.

The Minister said: “This Government recognizes the significant costs that can be incurred by those pursuing further education. So, this year, we are once again pleased to support 29 more Bermudians in their career pursuits.

“The Ministry of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports, through Department of Workforce Development will continue to pave the way for Bermudians so that they can prepare for the changing local and global work environment.

“I wish to congratulate our scholarship and award recipients and thank the Department of Workforce Development and the Education Scholarship Committee for ensuring that our students have the resources they need to further their journey.”

  • Feature Photos Supplied: Minister Lovitta Foggo with NTVT scholarship awardees Milon Bourne-Outerbridge, Lance Brown II, Ari Edwards, Jelania Hassell, Shapri Joell, Mikaela O’Brien, Phoebe Osborne, Haley Place,  Seth Samuels, Kyla Sinclair, Jeremy Taylor, Tiontae Thomas-Clarke, Jermayne Dears, Ter_Rae Morrison, Cameron Lee-Ming; TEVT scholarship awardees Shayla Gift, Dominque Johns, Cholae Martin, Zhiyah Wolffe-Simpson; and Bermuda College scholarship awardees Tae-Eja BeanMarilyn Cupidore, Di’Neasha DeSilva, Nicole Walker, Crystal Hill, Shalae Johnston, Tyree Phillips, Kidada Robinson, Naphisa Smith and Zeico Swan