Two days after a brazen attack on a female Corrections officer at Westgate Correctional Facility on Friday morning (Mar 11), Minister of National Security, Michael Weeks

As first reported by TNN, the Divisional Officer (DO) sustained a suspected broken arm in a confrontation with three inmates in an E2 cell unit over a cell phone during the morning recreational period.

The officer attempted to confiscate the cell phone when the inmates reportedly attacked her causing injuries to her hip and a possible broken arm.

TNN reports: “Two of the inmates are believed to be serving long sentences, one serving a life sentence, while the other serving 25 years.

“The third man is due to be released next month.”

A court appearance is anticipated in due course.

Meanwhile, in a statement released tis morning, the Minister said: “The Department of Corrections takes incidents like this extremely seriously and understands the importance of safety and security in the workplace.

“I condemn this act of violence by inmates at the Westgate Correctional Facility against a Corrections staff member and stand in solidarity with them.

“The matter in question was reported to the Bermuda Police Service, which is now investigating, and as such, it would not be appropriate for me to comment any further at this time.

 “While the injuries to the officer in question are not life-threatening, they are concerning. The officer attended the hospital for medical attention.

“We are focused on ensuring that the officer receives the necessary support and resources to help them fully recover.”