1Newly appointed Minister of National Security, Michael Weeks confirmed some sobering statistics on Friday, when he said 92 murders have been committed in Bermuda since 2006.

Hard on the heels of the island’s ninth murder committed to date this year, he told MPs that 31 of those murders remain unsolved, open and under investigation.

To put it frankly, he said that means “no-one has yet been charged”.

“Additionally, there have been 171 attempted murders between January 2009 and June 2022 with 127 open and under investigation,” said the Minister.

While confirming additional funding for the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) to hire 20 new recruits, he said: “The impact of these unsolved serious crimes is that there are as many as 157 criminals who have used firearms to either kill or attempt to kill another person and have not yet faced justice.

“Bringing those persons to justice will have a dramatic positive impact on the community’s safety. As the public see more and more criminals brought to justice, their confidence in the police will increase and that will, in turn, lead to more crimes being solved as they become more emboldened to assist the police.”

Concluding the Ministerial Statement delivered in the House on Friday, the Minister said: “The shadow of community violence is heavy over the Island today as another family mourns the loss of young life.

“The sound of gunshots shattered the peace of a Paget neighbourhood in this season of goodwill and in the wake of this terrible incident of violence, we must again seek to comfort a family who today have more questions than answers.

“The support we are providing from the Ministry of National Security will be strengthened by this House and the community keeping this family as the focus of our compassion at this incredibly difficult time.”