News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Earlier this week, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Vance Campbell signed a “PIPA Intent Statement”, which commits that the Government will be PIPA ready by January 1, 2025. 

For the signing, Minister Campbell was joined by Alexander White, Privacy Commissioner. As the public is aware, Bermuda’s first Personal Information Protection Act or PIPA, legislation comes into effect the beginning of next year.

And as part of the Privacy Office’s Road to PIPA awareness, there’s a weekly step-by-step process for organizations to follow in order to meet the requirements of PIPA. The Statement of Intent is one such initiative.

Minister Campbell said: “The overall objective of the Road to PIPA is to offer guidance to Bermuda’s organizations and individuals to assist them with readying for the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act 2016, or PIPA. I recently signed a Road to PIPA Intent Statement on behalf of the Cabinet Office. This is our commitment and assurance that the public sector will be compliant on January 1, 2025. I invite other leaders of Bermuda’s organizations to familiarise themselves with the requirements and encourage them to sign a Statement of Intent as well.”

For more information about the Road to PIPA, visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PrivCom) at