News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “I am pleased to celebrate international women’s day and in particular recognise the role that women play in our services, and the importance of networking, ” said Minister of National Security Michael Weeks, following his attendance at a women’s networking event held yesterday to recognise women in the uniformed services.

The event was held at the Police Recreation Club at Prospect in the spirit of International Women’s Day. He added: “The advancement of women, particularly in the work place is something I have always supported personally and as Minister of National Security.

“There is no better example of equality and promotion within the security services than what we have within our Ministry, which encompasses the Police Service, Corrections, Customs, the Regiment and Fire and Rescue Service.

“Two of the services are headed by women. In Corrections, we have Keeva Joell-Benjamin, the Commissioner of Corrections, who is the first woman to hold this office.

“And when you look deeper at her department, you will see that 23 percent of the corrections staff are women, including women who hold senior posts.

“Then we have our Customs Department, which Lucinda Pearman, our Collector of Customs, leads. I’m pleased to say that nearly 60 percent of the uniformed staff within Customs – are women. And the majority of senior staff members within the department are women.”