The Minister responsible for Bermuda’s Economy and Labour, Jason Hayward was on hand to congratulate the most recent graduates of the 5th Annual BEDC Summer Student Entrepreneur Program at the recent awards ceremony held on Friday (Aug 26).

Accompanied by Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) Chairman, Jache Adams, the Minister commended the seven students between the ages of 13 and 21, granted the “opportunity to earn an income and save funds during the summer period”.

“At the Meet and Greet held on the City Hall lawn to mark the programme’s official launch, I enjoyed speaking with all of you about your dreams and plans for your business. Since then, I hope your business has grown and you have gotten that much closer to achieving your goals,” he said.

“The Summer Student Entrepreneurship Programme exposed you to a culture of enterprise and entrepreneurship as a viable career option by providing access to education, startup capital, and mentorship to help you launch your businesses and earn an income.

“The BEDC’s mission is to inspire, inform, support, and grow new and existing Bermuda businesses,” the Minister added.

“The Summer Student Entrepreneurship Programme is another tool in the BEDC’s toolbox to ensure that the team lays the foundation to deliver on its target mission.”

Now that they “have completed eight weeks of in-class learning and practice to create your enterprises,” he noted that “starting a business is difficult, so I congratulate you on completing the process”.

“Although the Summer Student Entrepreneurship Programme was only 8-weeks, I believe the lessons learned will stay with you for a lifetime,” said Mr Hayward.

“If you plan to continue your entrepreneurial journey, I encourage you to seek additional support and guidance from the BEDC.

“The BEDC has additional support through their general business advice, Incubator and accelerator programmes and educational programs.

“By providing entrepreneurs access to education, support, mentorship, and real-life experiences, the BEDC directly contributes to developing a flourishing entrepreneurial culture in Bermuda, of which you are now a part.”

He also noted that the graduation was held “in the BEDC’s NE Hamilton Enterprise Bermuda Incubator Hub, recently launched to support entrepreneurs in their 12-month incubator programme”.

“This is the next level of support available in Bermuda to entrepreneurs like yourself who have the vision but need a team and support to help them reach their goals,” said the Minister.

In closing, he encouraged the graduates “to continue pursuing your dreams and leverage the knowledge and contacts you have made”.

“You have the power to chart your course and make your dreams a reality.”

Congratulations again on your commitment to your businesses and serving your community. As young entrepreneurs, you make a difference, and tonight, we celebrate your success.