• The following statement was released by National Security Minister Wayne Caines in the wake of a National Heroes Day holiday weekend marred by a fatal stabbing, another shooting incident and violent crime…

What was meant to be a celebratory holiday weekend has instead turned into a weekend marred by violence and sadly death.

We have watched over the past few days as our community has been besieged by anti-social behavior, gun and knife violence.

And last night we lost a young man due to a stabbing. I extend my condolences to the young man’s family and urge the public to assist where they can in providing information to the Police about this tragic incident.

On Saturday we saw hundreds of young people at John Smith’s Bay engaging in serious violent behaviour. The fact is that the majority of the people in this Country are following the rules, however there are a small number of individuals who refuse to follow the regulations and who are determined to wreak havoc.

These are the individuals who we must hold accountable. I am calling on our community to also step up and do their part. The lives of our young black men must matter. We all must value the sanctity of life.

We have to do more as a community. I am urging members of the public to please get involved and support our charitable organisations and helping agencies that assist young and at risk children.

We must all be held to account in doing what we can to turn the tide against violence and anti-social behaviour – this includes the Government, Police, parents, community leaders and advocates, churches and social organisations.

The Ministry of National Security is doing its part, and the Gang Violence Reduction Team led by Pastor Leroy Bean will continue to deploy strategies to ensure that we’re meeting the needs in terms of community outreach, education, training and direct intervention. We will continue to build on what’s being done and implement stronger plans where necessary.

Today, our BPS and RBR resources have been visibly active around the island, on our roads, at our beaches and parks and on our waters to ensure public safety. I again urge the public if they know anything about any of this weekend’s events to please cooperate with the Police or call the anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline and share what you know.