National Security Minister Wayne Caines met with representatives of the National Crime Agency on Wednesday, while in the UK promoting Bermuda’s fintech business development.

Discussions included investigation procedures for child sex offenders. 

The Minister also observed the child exploitation and online protection division’s threat leadership and insight teams, the partnership delivery team, education team, child protection advisory team, and others tasked with investigating child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Mr Caines also met with Simon Mason, the senior officer who heads up the British Overseas Territories teams on the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

With an increase in the reporting and prosecution of child sex offenders, talks included “how we could strengthen our ties concerning investigation protocols, cross-border policing, and taking a closer look at their current procedures”.

“We were able to see how the National Crime Agency worked and discussed the potential of members of the Bermuda Police Service who specialise in this area of travelling to the UK to train,” said Mr Caines.

“We’re pleased with how this relationship is progressing, and we’re continuing our focus on making sure our systems are current and having the most active elements of investigation in place for offences against children.”

The Minister is due to return to Bermuda on Friday.