News Release: February 13, 2019 –  National Security Minister Wayne Caines met with the Department of Corrections’ Treatment of Offenders Board this week, to discuss progress made by the Board over 2018, and how to further enhance the programs and opportunities provided to persons in our care.

The Board which is chaired by Scott Simmons, JP, MP, is primarily responsible for hearing inmate complaints and making formal judgements or decisions for offences committed while persons are incarcerated. They also inspect facilities and report on their findings.

Minister Caines said, “This meeting was organised to discuss the annual report and opportunities to strengthen the Board. We also discussed any concerns raised, and how to go about enriching the lives of inmates to help ensure that on release, they can become productive members of our community. I also took the opportunity thank all the members for their continuing commitment to work with the Ministry.”

  • Photos Courtesy of DCI