News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Recently, the Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines and Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator, Pastor Leroy Bean met with representatives of the Ghanaian High Commission of London, to discuss Bermuda’s gang reduction strategy and opportunities for enhancement through the Ghanaian Government.

The meeting held last Thursday July 25, was attended by Ghana’s High Commissioner to UK and Ireland, His Excellency Mr Papa Owusu-Ankomos, Minister and Head of Chancery, Matilda Alomatu Osei-Agyeman, First Secretary Finance, Godwin Yaw Tsidi, Minister Councillor Head of Trade and Investment, Kofi Addo and Minister Councillor Head of Trade and Investment, Papa Kow Bartels.

Accompanying the group was Bermuda’s Councillor for Ghana, Dr Leonard Teye-Botchway along with his wife Ronita, and Bermuda Government Estate Surveyor Nana Turkson, in his role as Secretary to the Bermuda Councillor for Ghana.

Following the meeting, Minister Caines said: “This meeting allowed us to further develop Bermuda’s relationship with the Ghanaian Government. The primary objective of the meeting was to discuss how we can enhance our gang violence reduction strategy. In the near future, we hope to offer our young at risk men and women the opportunity and experience of living and working in Ghana.”

“Being in contact with their African roots, learning their history and understanding more about themselves is invaluable as it will give participants the ability for holistic self-reflection. More importantly, our young people will come to understand that Bermuda is not the epicentre of the world and there is cultural significance to who they are.”

The Minister concluded: “As discussions continued, the conversation morphed into a meeting of mutual benefit, centred around opportunities for Bermuda to conduct business in their financial sphere. I was very pleased with the meeting and look forward to the future opportunities it presents.”

  • Photo Courtesy of DC: Front Row L-R – Matilda Alomatu Osei-Agyemon, Wayne Caines, Papa Owusu-Ankomos, Leonard Teye-Botchway. Back Row L-R – Godwin YawTsidi, Kofi Addo, Papa Kow Bartels, Nana Turkson, Ronita Teye-Botchway, Leroy Bean