Public Works Minister, Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch disclosed that efforts are underway “to forge a new and sustainable relationship” when it comes to the homeless shelter on Parson’s Road in Pembroke.

Speaking at the recent launch of the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal, Colonel Burch stated that “the collaboration between the Salvation Army and the Government of Bermuda – specifically the Homeless Shelter”, currently falls under his remit.

He noted that the lease agreement for the shelter, “dated August 1989”, is almost 30 years old.

“We have been working diligently with Major Stokes and her team since her arrival last year to forge a new and sustainable relationship – a relationship that reflects a real partnership between the Salvation Army, the Government and the people of Bermuda,” said Col Burch.

“To be brutally honest – successive Governments have not always held up their end of the bargain-either with physical support or funding – that is about to change as we believe that this partnership must be one between the people of Bermuda and the Salvation Army – one that exists regardless of which political party forms the Government.

“We are not quite there yet, much work has been done already– but we are determined to forge a new and lasting relationship. I expect that we will be in a position in the not too distant future to share the specifics of that new arrangement,” he added.

The Minister also noted that “the Salvation Army has been a vital part of this community for more than 100 years – helping countless numbers of our citizens during times of hardship”.

“Their commitment to their mission has been unwavering – so we too must be unwavering in support of not just this Red Shield Appeal but all of their efforts.

“I am proud to be here this afternoon to support this worthy cause and I encourage every one of us to make a contribution to the 2019 Red Shield Appeal and the greater work of the Salvation Army in Bermuda.”