Patricia Peets, Burton Cox, MP Lovita Foggo, Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott, Malik Robinson, Oral Barnett, Omar Dill, Lester Nelson and Marc Bourne

News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Three young Bermudians whose overseas air traffic controller training was postponed from March 2020 to August 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have now completed both formal and on-the-job training to become qualified Air Traffic Controllers.

Omar Dill, Malik Robinson and Oral Barnett attended a 14-week overseas training programme at Global ATS in Gloucestershire England, a UK Civil Aviation Authority approved training centre.

The campus is located at the Gloucestershire Airport, which provides an immersive airside environment for classroom and hands-on learning. The syllabus included both theoretical and simulator-based practical training.

Following completion of the UK curriculum, the trainees returned to Bermuda to begin seven months of on-the-job training at the air traffic control tower under the guidance of 26-year Air Traffic Control veteran, Training Supervisor Patricia Peets.

During this training each candidate was assessed to meet the requirements for licencing by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority, including theoretical and practical examinations relevant to Bermuda’s airspace and local air traffic control procedures.

Bermuda Airport Authority Chief Executive Office Lester Nelson said: “We are proud to welcome the next generation of Air Traffic Controllers. The Airport Authority is committed to training and development of Bermudians for air navigation service careers.”

The three new Air Traffic Controllers were recruited from a pool of over 100 applicants. They join five other local Air Traffic Controllers.