Public Works Minister Lieutenant Colonel David Burch announced the contractors hired to install the new $30 million water system for the East End.

Speaking at a news conference held at Severn Bridge in St David’s on Wednesday (May 12), he said the multi-million dollar upgrade will bring “relief to the long suffering residents of this area”.

He also noted that the ageing pipelines and equipment at Southside dates back to the US military base at Kindley Field.

Ten contractors have been accepted so far, with several jobs still due to be tendered with offers being accepted until the end of this month.

Working with the Bermuda Land Development Company Ltd (BLDC), he said the Ministry “will initiate a $30 million project as the first phase of the water, wastewater, and resource recovery Master plan”.

“This project will be responsible for upgrading failing infrastructure, removing the Corporation of St George’s sewage outfall, and expanding water and wastewater networks in the Parish of St George’s,” said Colonel Burch.

The Submissions were evaluated and scored against the following criteria:

  • 1. Conformance with the required content specified in the RFQ.
  • 2. Demonstrated sufficient experience and technical competence of the General Contractor and Subcontractors, considering the types of construction works required, the complexity of the project, the aggressive schedule and the strength and adequate experience of the key personnel who will be dedicated for the project.
  • 3. Demonstrated sufficient experience and technical competence to install HDPE piping with fusion-welded connections underwater as designed and specified [Tendering Package # 1].
  • 4. Demonstrated sufficient experience and technical competence to install and commission packaged wastewater treatment systems [Tendering Package # 4].
  • 5. Staff capacity, depth and ability to dedicate multiple crews to the works on a full-time basis until completing the works at the end of 2021.
  • 6. Training and experience of key personnel.
  • 7. Successfully completed projects of similar scope, scale, complexity and schedule requirements.
  • 8. Reference checks.
  • 9. Ability to provide the equipment [owned or rented] necessary to execute the works on a full-time basis until completing the works at the end of 2021.
  • 10. Ability to achieve the daily production rates necessary to successfully complete the works by the end of 2021.

“I can confirm that the following contractors have been pre-qualified to submit tenders:

  • 1. D&J Excavating & Landscaping Ltd
  • 2. Greymane
  • 3. Invisible Trenching
  • 4. Island Construction Services
  • 5. Crisson Construction Limited
  • 6. Ascendant Technologies Limited
  • 7. H&H Plumbing & Mechanical
  • 8. Island Engineering
  • 9. Smith Excavation & Hauling
  • 10. ACS Excavating

“Contractors interested in this project can go to the BLDC website and under the heading ‘Tenders & RFPS’ to download the pre-qualification tender information,” the Minister added.

“The deadline for submittals is Monday, May 31st, 2021.”

• Tender Package #1 – Stoke’s Point Water Crossing

  • Contractor – Crisson Construction
    • Granted full notice to proceed
    • Currently forming the concrete weights to cover the pipes to be laid along the sea bed

• Tender Package #2A – Stoke’s Point Road

  • Contractor – D&J Excavating
    • Granted full notice to proceed
    • Work proceeding very well;
    • Has trenched up to 250 ft. already along with pressured tested several length of HDPE pipe.
    • Started to back fill some of BELCO lines already in the ground

• Tender Package #2E – Fort Victoria to St Regis

  • Contractor – Invisible Trenching
    • Approximately 95% complete
    • This work includes the temporary solution in providing a sanitary service for the St Regis Hotel

• Tender Package #2C – York Street to Fort Victoria

  • Tenders have been submitted and are under review
  • Plan to award contract within 2 weeks

• Tender Packages currently out for tender

  • #2B.1 – Echo Lane to Mullet Bay Park
  • #2B.2 – Mullet Bay Park to Tiger Bay Lift Station
  • #2D – Wellington Street [Tiger Bay Lift Station] thru St George’s Club via Rose Hill

• Tender Packages #3A & #3B – Sewer Force Main for Southside

  • Engineering drawings 95% complete; currently being reviewed

• Tender Package #4 – New Sewage Plant

  • Initial payment sent to vendor
  • Reviewing all shop drawings and schematics

• Tender Package #5 – Potable and Reclaim water transfer network for Southside

  • Engineering drawings 85% complete

• Tender Package #6 – Telemetry

  • Engineering drawings 80% complete

• Relocation of the Botanical Gardens Tank to Fort Victoria

  • Sent the down payment to the overseas vendor,
  • Already received Planning permission, now awaiting Building Control

“This massive undertaking involves the trenching of much of the main roads in St Georges and a similar exercise in Southside to completely replace the infrastructure from piping, pumping stations, water producing plants and waste treatment plants to bring relief to the long suffering residents of these areas in providing reliable water and waste water services,” said Col Burch.

“It is the kind of project that addresses the country’s needs of getting people working, earning and providing for their families while their valuable labour is transforming Bermuda’s infrastructure for the better.”

  • Top Feature Photo: Cruise Mapper