News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “The Government is committed to training future Bermudian barristers by providing a comprehensive and rigorous professional pathway to being admitted to the Bermuda Bar,” said Kathy Lynn Simmons, Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Reform. 

The Attorney-General added: “The Ministry’s Pupillage Programme was dormant for several years; however, since 2019, at least eight barristers have completed our Programme. Many former pupils have secured employment with private law firms or in the public sector after their one-year training and being admitted to the Bermuda Bar. 

“A unique feature of the Ministry’s pupillage is that each pupil has input to decide their placements based on their interests and future career paths. Pupils gain comprehensive training in different legal practice areas within the Attorney-General’s Chambers, Department of Public Prosecutions and Legal Aid office.

“This year, two pupils will work alongside government lawyers and senior officials. I am pleased to announce that Ashley Fubler and Tjana Wharton are the 2022/23Ministry of Legal Affairs Pupils.”  

Ashley Fubler and Tjana Wharton

The Pupils’ Statements

Ashley Fubler attended The Berkeley Institute and obtained her post-secondary degrees from Hull University and the University of Law (BPTC). 

“Entering the legal profession as a Barrister has been a career aspiration of mine for as long as I can remember. The journey to get where I am today has not been easy. I have faced my fair share of setbacks along the way, especially amidst all the uncertainty and restrictions during the pandemic.

“Despite this, I am forever grateful to have been called to the Bar in England and Wales, and subsequently selected to complete Pupillage with the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Reform. It is not easy to secure a pupillage, particularly if you want to work in the public sector; I commend all who have made this opportunity a reality.

“My desire to work within the public sector derives from my strong patriotism and desire to invoke fundamental change, especially within our criminal justice system. Before the Pupillage, I was placed at the Legal Aid Office by the Department of Workforce Development. Working at Legal Aid deepened my passion to give back to my community through the public sector. As I embark on this next chapter of my legal journey, I look forward to completing Pupillage and becoming a member of the Bermuda Bar.”

Tjana Wharton attended Saltus Grammar School and her obtained post-secondary degrees from the University of Kent, UK and earned her Master’s in Law and LPC at the University of Law, London, UK.

“The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Reform’s Pupillage programme presents an exciting challenge and important professional development opportunity. I feel privileged to have been selected and to be granted training, support and guidance across a broad spectrum of legal practice areas.  This valuable experience will allow me to advance my career and to develop and demonstrate a high standard of legal competence.

“In keeping with my interest in volunteering and community engagement activities, I did pro bono work with the Personal Support Unit at the Royal Courts of Justice and Central Family Court in London and helped raise funds for the London Legal Walk whilst studying at the University of Law. I am fortunate to now be training under the supervision of a brilliant and supportive legal team.”