News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – On Sunday 24 February, the Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines delivered the keynote address at the Leopards Club International’s 70th Anniversary Luncheon held at the club.

The Leopard’s Club has played a significant role in bringing about change and equal rights to Bermuda. The club started at the Imperial Hotel on 24 February 1949 and is recognized as one of Bermuda’s oldest charities. The club provided support to their members and the community during the time of segregation in Bermuda.

Known for its radio broadcasts, which aired every Thursday, guests speakers were selected by members and friends of Leopard’s Club to provide information and advice for listeners.

The Leopard’s Club was also an important contributor to tourism. They owned and operated one of the first black hotels catering to black American tourists. In 1954, the club purchased the building in their current location at 12 Brunswick Street Hamilton, moving there two years later.

During the event, Minister Caines spoke about the need to continue to work together so Bermuda can become a place where everyone can thrive without worrying about how to feed, clothe and shelter their children. He also spoke about our community working together to address the root cause of societal issues. The Minister encouraged members to work toward finding solutions to empower all Bermudians and together building the society we want for our children and grandchildren.

Minister Caines said, “Despite the many obstacles faced at that time, the members of Leopards Club were able to overcome the challenges and lay the foundation for the club and our society. Their history reflects the history of Bermuda and they must be commended for their continued support of their members and our community.”

Photos Courtesy of DCI – Main Feature Photo (from left to right):  Minister Wayne Caines, Leopards Club President Cal Bean and Executive Secretary Stanley Douglas