Did you know delinquent parents in Bermuda owe millions of dollars in unpaid child support payments in arrears?

In part two of a Bermuda Real series, Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe discusses the social spinoff effects in dollars and cents, right down to the life-long impact on the children who feel it most.

Bermuda’s Civil Court handles roughly 4,500 cases a year, and meets twice a week to deal with a steady caseload. Although filed by a wide range of creditors, 60 percent of the cases are linked to unpaid hospital bills. Those cases include bills from the Maternity Ward for the delivery of babies born to uninsured mothers.

Mr Wolffe presides over Civil Court, the Drug Court, Plea Court, and on occasion in Family Court as well.

Over the past five years in a recessionary climate, the caseload has increased steadily by 500 to 1,000 new cases a year, up to a total of 4,500 cases as of January 2013.

By Ceola Wilson