Education Minister Wayne Scott confirmed today that a female school teacher’s job may be on the line as a result of her involvement in a club brawl.

A video recording of the incident at Warwick Workman’s Club has since gone viral on the local social media circuit.

Bermuda Real obtained a copy shortly after the incident occurred. Since then inquiries have revealed that the Middle School teacher is also involved with the Project Ride programme for teenagers.

When questioned earlier today, Mr Scott confirmed that he was aware of the video and the incident which occurred during a birthday celebration at the Warwick establishment.

“I am aware of this and it is concerning,” said Mr Scott. “Although this incident took place during ‘private time’, our teachers are role models to our students all the time.

“As the person in question is a teacher at one of our aided schools, the matter is being looked into by the relevant school board,” he added.

“Certainly, I am concerned and disappointed with this, as with the rise in student incidents like this. As a community, we cannot allow this type of antisocial behaviour to become the norm,” said the Minister.

Due to the graphic nature of the video, Bermuda Real has made an editorial decision not to publish it. It clearly shows a man with his face all bloody being beaten by assailants not seen on camera, while being held by a woman who was holding the man with both of her arms around his neck.

Mr Scott also said that due to the fact that a police investigation is underway there was nothing more that he could say.

By Ceola Wilson