The following Op-Ed was released this morning (Jan 27) by One Bermuda Alliance MP Michael Dunkley…

It is unacceptable and concerning that Premier Burt has so far refused to answer many questions regarding the appointment of former Senator Richardson in light of the fact that upon appointment to the Senate the Premier was aware of the debt issues and gave “instructions” that it be addressed. 

These instructions seem to have fallen on deaf ears and the Premier has not followed up!

Why has the Premier been very silent? The people need answers and not a statement of support from a party spokesperson that raises more questions!It would be appropriate that next week when Parliament resumes the Premier provides a full statement on why he made the appointment knowing about the ongoing debt issues with the senior landlord and why his instructions were not followed.

While in Opposition David Burt was always seeking transparency on issues, and rightly so, but now as Premier he frequently seems to have lost his tongue when difficult issues arise and questions are asked. To say the least it is shocking that an elderly person has been treated like this, that the Premier has failed to act in spite of being warned and the senior has been intimidated.

The Premier’s track record points to a clear lack of judgement when making appointments. One just needs to recall the debacle with former MP Rolf Commisiong who was appointed to the Senate and then rescinded after a public outcry. Again Premier Burt was fully aware of allegations against him when he made the appointment.

This matter needs to be cleared up, questions answered and the elderly landlord should receive the money rightly owed. 

In addition this must not be a distraction from other areas of critical importance for the Government during Covid, high unemployment and a very poor economy under the PLP.